Sunday, April 27, 2014


Was watching 'jaatishwar' last night. Prosenjit's performance - effortlessly switching from one character (Antony) to another (Kushal) - haunts us. Jisshu and Swastika did justice to their roles. But comparing this film to that of Uttam Kumar's would be improper. The subjects are slightly dissimilar and so are the modes of treating them.

The film gives us an insight into the 18th c. Bengal literature and culture and leaves us with the desire to delve deep into the 18th & 19th c. history of Bengal.

The main plot was loosely woven and the sub-plot involving riya sen was unnecessary. Infact, like 'Mishor Rohoshya', the main plot was uselessly stretched and was then hastened to the climax! Thankfully, Mahamaya wasn't forced to remember her past, the moment she went to Kushal's residence at Chandannagar. Not always do the people whom we see in our previous lives tend to remember/ get the feeling of deja vu when we meet them in the current lifetime. Regarding Mahamaya's resemblance to Mini's (Antony's wife) face, there was nothing absurd. The features can continue to remain same/ more or less similar in two or more lifetimes.

Unlike Vikram Bhatt's movie on past life regression & reincarnation that led people to criticise it, Srijit Mukherjee has explained the subject quite logically through the character of the psychiatrist. He spoke about parapsychology and also mentioned that past life regression is a therapy. I personally underwent past life regression thrice and it is therapeutic (something which most people don't understand and come up with silly/ expert comments).

- Nilanjana

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