Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life, Time and Divinity

Life is a colourful canvas adorned with positive and negative colours – done with the help of a brush called ‘Time’! The birth of a child symbolizes an entry of human soul into the world of creativity called ‘Life’! ‘The strokes of bright colours and the negative shades painted by Time signify the brighter and the darker aspects of Life respectively in this hard-core practical world.

Infact, if we think carefully, we will see that in reality – the blending of Life’s colours, bright into somber, positive into negative – brings out a strain of pessimism initially but it has its own charm, as enigmatic as the ‘Mea Culpa’ and ‘The River of Belief’ numbers from Enigma! Overall the colourful strokes on Life’s canvas heighten the enigmatic charm of the world unknown and there is always a ray of Hope persistent…in other words, there is always a note of optimism at the end!

We are the mortal offsprings of Time (which is eternal) and the immortal Life! Many life cycles put together makes one life (which is universal)…we come in every life cycle - in some form or the other to be a part of this materialistic world, experience the various negative and the positive aspects of that particular life cycle and react accordingly, which again influences our next life cycle (determined by our ‘karma’ in our previous birth).

We, being ordinary human beings get easily bogged down with worries and sorrow. In such situations Time offers us two options – escape from reality or one just turns around and faces it. The first option – that of ‘escapism’ is an easy way out. Most of us resort to this option by making opium or alcohol a medium. Does the narcotic effect of such a medium really help us or it just leads us to the path of self-destruction? How many of us can really face the pain unless we are forced to do it?

We need tremendous guts to face it without the effect of opium or alcohol. The excruciating pain can create numbness in our lives temporarily but we can get rid of it through discipline and our karma (our actions and reactions) restoring ourselves to normalcy. Time is the greatest healer of our pains and sorrows!

I strongly believe that Time and the concept of Divinity are inter-related. Or should we say that Time is nothing but Divinity re-incarnated? Nothing is impossible in Life; if you are determined to achieve something and if Time (Divine blessing) is with you! No adverse force can create a barrier before you for long…

“When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dreams.”

“It’s true; life is really generous to those who pursue their destiny.”

- The Alchemist, Paul Coelho

And the painting named ‘Life’ becomes a masterpiece only when the progress of the individual takes place along a path under the guidance of Divinity that will ultimately lead towards the light of Enlightenment and Eternity, inspite of all the hindrances and the adverse forces that come in one’s way! That’s actually what our soul desires for – to understand the meaning and purpose of Life, to be one with the macrocosmic world of universe. It becomes the ultimate Truth of human life! Otherwise it’s a vegetable existence (stagnation)…

- nilanjana (2003)