Saturday, November 20, 2010

11th September 2010

11th September 2001! Chaos, confusion and death filled the air! Twin Towers (USA) affected by the militant attack. The impact was felt globally...

9 years later... 11th September 2010...

After so many years, when life has gained its normal pace after that incident, in this small corner of the globe, I am sitting with a laptop - feeling content and relaxed that one by one my short term goals (desires) are getting achieved.

Evolution and weeding (in terms of human relationships) go on side by side in my life! My peace of mind started returning since September 2009 and I feel healed internally – thanks to some people around me! My sister’s wedding on 23rd September 2009 (the greatest source of satisfaction for me) and other short term goals – all my desires started materialising between August and November 2009. 2010 started quite nicely in respect to materialistic aspects and continues to do so till now. I can only thank and be grateful to God for being so generous towards me. I didn’t get derailed inspite of all the emotional struggles that I’d to go through, in the last eleven years.

At times when I look around, I get a feeling that academic qualification, knowledge and capabilities are not important in life. Ego massaging, sycophancy, gaining sympathy of the people around by talking about one’s personal problems or using charm would ensure growth in some areas of life! Yet, I thank my stars that I didn’t compromise with my principles (by doing all these things) under any circumstances. My upbringing would not allow me to do so! That is my greatest satisfaction on the personal level!

Never mind! Time wasn’t with me earlier but I’m hopeful that the scene is changing now. The attainment of these short-term goals only direct towards a better tomorrow! I am sure that I’d be able to achieve my bigger goals too without compromising with my principles!

The more I see these things happen, the more humble I feel and my roots go deeper into the ground. At the same time, I feel strangely calm internally. Now it is time to do something more significant in life!

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