Monday, August 2, 2010

Are dreams & visions mere extensions of semi-conscious state of mind?

While reading about Silva Mind Control in September 2005 and after doing the program in January 2006, I learnt one thing – at the conscious level only 5% of our brain is functional and at the sub-conscious level the remaining 95% gets activated. And at this level when the right-brain is activated one is capable of turning the impossible into POSSIBLE!

We think of something and it takes shape before our eyes after a few days or months! We lose a gold chain, involuntarily visualize it at some weird place (where it is not supposed to be); and the next moment we actually get it from there. We see or hear impossible things happening, strange pre-monitions taking place in our lives which cannot be explained logically!

Visions and dreams can be in many forms: visions like that of a strange bright light in the dark or a bright disc like object somewhere in the background; or maybe dreams like that of a Vesica Piscis and two intersecting circles; a divinely beautiful, kohl-eyed, female form, clad in a white sari, having a milky white complexion and jet black hair cascading down her back; an innocent faced teenager (with dark complexion) clad in a yellow dhoti; an individual appearing for mathematics examination; someone’s fleeing from home, facing hurdles and finally overcoming them; or maybe warning messages (in form of dreams) like human sacrifice involving one’s own self in one’s dream etc. At times one may see incidents taking place in the dreams, which actually materialise after a few years! These can be termed as premonitions!

I have heard of cases where people have dreamt of job promotion, academic results and legal battle being won. And later on those dreams got manifested into reality!

My boss, Sunil Bhandari wore the same type of shirt and spoke the same words on the day of my appraisal in July 2010 - the same shirt that he wore and the same words which he spoke while doing my appraisal in my dream in November 2009. When I dreamt of my appraisal, my boss was actually attending the annual conference at Mumbai. It amused me immensely when he spoke those same words in reality! :)

Strange things happen! Strange dreams and pre-monitions are seen, strange audio can be heard and at times one feels the presence of someone strange around oneself, and yet remains unaffected! At times one may even get the fragrance of a burning incense during meditation at early morning hours when there’s actually nothing burning; may hear the gentle swishing sound of a feminine attire when there’s nobody in the room, or may even feel the feather touch of some caring female hand on the head or hand when one’s in the meditative or half-asleep state.

One’s intuition plays a significant role when one thinks of something happening/ someone saying something and later on the situation actually take place! We think of someone and the person calls us/ appears before us, within a short span of time. Maybe at that time our desire to talk to or meet the person was very strong!

Once I was asked if I am “clairvoyant”’, one even thinks that I “know psychology”; and someone went to the extent of asking me if I “know face reading”! Actually I know none. I am just sensitive to my surroundings; and my intuition and observation also guide me regarding human beings and incidents. And things become easy for me to understand!

Probably dreams and visions are sources for psychic information. Symbols appear in dreams/ visions when our mind acts like a receiver for messages from the world unknown. We can interpret our own dream language by word association. We can write down any word, feelings, direct thoughts that come to mind when we look at the symbols in our dreams. Interpretation of our own dream symbols may offer us new insights and different perspectives for our personal growth.

I personally feel that these things primarily happen when people are in some confused state of mind, have some expectations or maybe are in the quest of something in life! And sometimes these act like divine messages or maybe they only are hallucinations – some extensions of semi-conscious state that get manifested in forms of dreams, visions or pre-monitions etc. Who knows? Probably, Sigmund Freud could have explained it well!

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