Monday, October 12, 2009

Transformation: Some excerpts from my diary….

When we fail to get something we yearn for; it is evident that we didn't have 100%, a desire. So one should never have a desire mixed with a speck of doubt! The possibility of materializing it would be none! If we ever have a doubt about the wish getting fulfilled, we should instantly turn the negative thought into something positive! And accordingly work towards our goal!

It's no use blaming someone for a particular negative situation. A person or a situation might just act as a catalyst to make an incident better or worse. It is our actions and reactions that are responsible for situations which shape up in front of us. Probably we have somehow failed to immunize ourselves to our surroundings!

And to have the actions or reactions in control, one needs to have control over one's mind. It is not always possible to keep a tranquil state of mind. Why? It is simply because we fail to attain the silence that soothes our soul that remains agitated otherwise.

We should never allow anyone to take ourselves or our loyalty for granted - be it in personal or professional spheres. We should just move on! And if it takes time to leave and go away instantly, then gradually one must get one's inner being immunized against the situations or one's environment. We need not get affected (due to expectations) or controlled by it. And at the same time we need to be aware of it, keeping our consciousness active!

At times, solitude is the best thing that can happen to us. We don't always need noise that is self created! Solitude has an embalming impact on our mind and the body! Atleast, for once in every twenty-four hours we need to rejuvenate ourselves! We just need to detach ourselves from the entire surroundings for a while and see. Usually the noise around us doesn't allow us to attain that mental state.

The moment we dissociate ourselves from the world around, immunize ourselves against the noise and become one with the universal tranquility - it becomes easy to get connected with cosmic silence! Immunization is a difficult task and this can be achieved only through a conscious effort, like meditation.

Acceptance is a must, which is difficult at times, especially if it is something negative. I have faced it earlier, and now I can ignore negativity to a great extent.

Why get bogged down by pains and sorrows?
Why not be kind and caring towards the world around and yet remain detached?
It will give a strange state of bliss and confidence within oneself!
I have experienced it with the passage of time!

Darkness has faded out completely...closer to the Light now!

- nilanjana, april 2008 - September 2009

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